Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Bioagricert is a reliable control andcertification system based on the trust of different figures working fromconsumer to professional at international level. The company’s purpose tothrive and be recognized at the international level. With this purpose, managementis constantly striving to improve its customer and economic resources.Strategies and best applications depend on economic solid principles,profitability and transparency. The management sets an objective and definesthe monitoring, implementation and improvement activities as required.

In Terms of Respect:

Enables the organization of administrativeand operational activities to obtain productivity indices in fixed parameters.

Guarantees success and maintain the technicand economic aspects of the business to the operators in the expectedconditions.

Identify the risk that could endanger theimpartiality of the decision. By preventing these guarantee’s an impartialcertification process.

Guaranteed Targets:

Determines the objectives of quality bothobjectively and measurably and to test this guarantees the reference frame forthis operation.

Ensures that objectives are delivered,understood and followed to all relevant organizations.

 Gives information and needs to partners tomeet with expectations.

Continuous Development:

Ensures performance review periodically andguarantees to take a look at for convenience.

Analyse, measure and evaluate the importantprocesses and improves continuously.

Encourages innovation and improvement byfollowing accreditation principles, production activities by following currentstandards and laws.

Needs to achieve your goals:

The certification process is carried out byfollowing the national and international norms. In the absence of suchreferences, special certification programs are prepared by the authorizedtechnical committees.

Ensure continuous training for the workerto make him suitable for himself.

Bioagricert ensures that each trademarkholder's trademark complies with the Quality Manual procedures and applicable laws.

The evaluation process and certificationdecision are limited only within the scope of certification.

Interaction with other control bodies toshare the experience and methods to follow up developments in system sharing.