Fair Trade

Fair Trade

Fair Trade

Fairtrade certification is a product certification system designed to allow people to identify products that meet agreed environmental, labor and developmental standards. The system involves independent auditing of producers to ensure the agreed standards are met.

            The main objectives of Fair Trade are:

·        To promote and guarantee equitable projects of production and equitable commercial relationships with producers and operators of disadvantaged countries and of the so called “south of the world”.

·        To improve producers’ conditions of life and increase their access to the market, strengthening their organizations, paying better prices and guaranteeing stable commercial partnerships;

·        to promote opportunity of development for disadvantaged producers, especially groups of women and native populations and to protect their children from the exploitation in the production process;

·        to inform consumers on the economic mechanisms of producers in disadvantaged countries;

·        to set up production and commerce based on the respect of the human dignity and safety;

·        to develop correct and fair working conditions especially in disadvantaged Countries;

·        to develop and sustain economic and social self-development;

·        to push national and international institutions to help and protect small producers;

·        to promote the use of sustainable resources.