Crop Production

Crop Production

Crop Production

Conversion to organic farming begins with registering the farm for the control process with the control body. At this point, the entire agricultural operation with all its production lines is documented in a description of the operation.

The conversion period started from the day from registering the farm. The conversion period excludes the risk of finding residues of previously used pesticides in the farm. In order to harvest organic crops, you have to cultivate the land according to organic regulations during the conversion period. Land is only organic if it is certified according to applicable regulations. Conversion and certification of land is only possible if the land is under organic registration and under certification.

Each production unit must be registered and inspected. The area of land to be converted is specified down to the individual elds. Only products from certified elds may be marketed as organic. Each production enterprise must be licensed and only products from those enterprises may be marketed as organic.


The operator can't produce conversion products of the same type or variety as the product produced by the organic farming method, or which are not easily distinguishable from these products, except in some cases. Such cases are like this explained in organic agriculture regulation.

Genetic structure of Seed/vegetative propagating materials such as seeds and seedlings has not been genetically modified or should not have interfered externally.

Fertilizers are only allowed by

Only fertilizers/soil conditioners referred to in Fertilizers and Soil conditioners Regulation No 27676 dated 10.08.2010 and Organic Agricultural Legislation Annex 1 and annex-2 can be used.